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 Regarding new MEPs.

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PostSubject: Regarding new MEPs.    Tue May 23, 2017 9:33 pm

Hi guys Smile
I have some new MEPs that I do want to open, including old suggestions that I got highly requested to do Smile. So, like last time, one MEP goes up, I'll host some new ones. I do have teenage dream
And I am Octavia all cropped so, I'll most likely host those first. Smile then the others, I'll do next Smile. So, we can get some MEPs done. I'm still waiting on the other parts to come in for my current ones. Smile
As for the Halloween MEP of this year, I'll be doing Howl. I do plan on hosting it like.. as soon as possible since I want to get done on time this year. <3 So, that's all for now Smile
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Regarding new MEPs.
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