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 Video-Editing Hiatus for Meps & Collabs!

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PostSubject: Video-Editing Hiatus for Meps & Collabs!   Tue May 23, 2017 12:59 am

cheers Helloooooo! Missed me? ...yeeeaaaaahhh...
Okay, so I wanted to clear out and say I am completely sorry I didn't get my Honey I'm Good mep part done in time, or as soon as I could.
My life's be full of drama, responsibilities, and me trying to regulate myself... I mean, I also lost inspiration in video-editing as well since life has taken so much out of me. I'll still be posting video-edited viddies, but also I'm moving onto animation memes so I'm not gonna do much video-editing anymore.
(Plus meps & collabs bring me stress when I know I can't do them, so thanks for understanding and hopefully I can come back after 6 months, more or less).
Thank you so much for understanding and again, I'm so sorry about that. ~ Love Annaleah.

Need a way to contact me? Check out my YouTube channel down below!
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Video-Editing Hiatus for Meps & Collabs!
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