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 VIDEO-EDITING HIATUS! Birthday coming soon...

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PostSubject: VIDEO-EDITING HIATUS! Birthday coming soon...   Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:12 am

More information about the video-editing hiatus here... sorry for the inconvenience...


That aside, my birthday is coming up... it's on March 5th but honestly I'm not excited about it at all, and I feel like it'll be a bad birthday... I'm just really upset with my computer-problem, especially since nobody really talks to me nor wants to roleplay with me on YouTube. I mean I won't say you guys don't reply at all, because that's obviously a lie... but I just have so many stressful things going on in real life that I'd rather just not say here, and I'm just... angry. Very angry. But okay, I guess that's all, and sorry, I had to vent somehow and that wasn't going to be on G+ where everyone can read it.
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VIDEO-EDITING HIATUS! Birthday coming soon...
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