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 Hiatus till holidays

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PostSubject: Hiatus till holidays   Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:45 pm

As I'm sure you could tell, my activity has been absolutely terrible lately. School, work, and family obligations have proven to take up all of my time and I have not been able to edit at all.

With that being said, I will have to take a hiatus (as if I wasn't already on one) until the holidays when I'm off of school for winter break, only then will things calm down and I'll have some time.

Sorry to do this :/ love you all :hearts:

P.S. I will hopefully put the "Maybe I'm Lost" MEP together by the end of this week
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PostSubject: Re: Hiatus till holidays   Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:15 pm

I am back and look forward to getting back into the swing of things hopefully Smile
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Hiatus till holidays
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