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 TMNT fangirl story

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PostSubject: TMNT fangirl story   Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:24 pm

Hello princesses,

Will this story is about when I was a TMNT fangirl beside Disney Smile

It was 2007, when I was 10. I was watching TMNT on Cartoon Network and I started to love it!! When I started to love it, I want to see more videos. So I went to YouTube to see more TMNT. It was like heaven Smile On my 11th birthday, my theme was TMNT (Duh). Best birthday theme ever!!! cheers
I always dream that I was part of that team but I'm human little sister Wink
Now you know my story, I'm going to talk about my 4 brothers Smile
Leo is a blue turtle. He's the leader and he's very brave. He teach me how to be brave. Raph is a red turtle. He's a mean and rude but he's strong. He teach me how to be strong. He's also my favorite. Don is a purple turtle. He's very smart and good with computer. He's my role model and my favorite also. He's teach me how to be smart. Mike is a Orange turtle. He's a party and fun turtle to hang out with but he's very annoying sometime Razz but he's make me laugh when I get sad. But sometime I wish they were real cause I want to hang out with them. People think I should give up my fantasy world but I don't see how wonderful thing could be bad. "out of the world, wish I could be part of that night." I want to be TMNT family cause I want fun and acting. I'm so sick and tried of being scared. TMNT forever!! I want be with you guys and find me cause your my everything Smile

A little message to my 4 brothers from TMNT:
You guys are the best brothers I ever had! Leo you help´╗┐ me how to be brave. Rahp you teach how to defend myself. Don you help with a lot of things. Mike you make me lol when I get sad. I love you bros
Love your human sister Alexis :,)

Now that's my fangirl story Smile
Now who wants pizza???!!!!
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TMNT fangirl story
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